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Abigail Bruce was born in Newport News, Virginia in 1995. She is a fine artist that specializes in a variety of art mediums. Her interests include painting, photography, 3D sculpture, video, digital media, and illustration. She earned an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Thomas Nelson Community College in 2017 and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts majoring in Studio Art with a double minor of Art History and Graphic Design at Christopher Newport University in 2021. 


Abigail has designed book cover illustrations, formatted books for publishing, and participated in two independent studies working with Chemistry majors at Christopher Newport University to create graphics illustrating their research for Paideia. 


While versed in a variety of media, Abigail primarily works with Adobe Illustrator, gouache ink, and photography. Her work focuses on color, facial expressions, and surrealistic elements to provide a deeper commentary on emotions and perceptions of everyday life.

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